Yankee Doodle!

I LOVE me some Fourth of July!!  Yes, I am a yankee doodle and this holiday makes me feel happy & patriotic!

Maybe it’s the berry-flag-cakes.  Cooking isn’t my thing. I just love them / those who make them for me.

berry flag cake {Photo Credit: www.jayscatering.com}

Perhaps it was growing up Nation’s Capital.  The White House and all the iconic memorials, especially Iwo Jima.  I remember one 4th (involving a cold chicken and brownies picnic yum!) with spectacular views of the fireworks from this spot. It’s actually in Arlington, along the Virginia side of the Potomac and everyone should spend a 4th of July there once!

2011_07_01_july402{Photo Credit: http://www.american-architecture.info}

Maybe it was the summer our friends kept a boat downtown in Chicago. Boat people love the 4th!! Do you think this lady thought it odd I was taking pictures of her boat flags??  It doesn’t get more festive than this.

Chicago Columbia Yacht Club
2011_07_01_july404 {Photo Credit: ME}

My all time favorite photo from that day heading back into my favorite city!

Perhaps it’s my flag envy. I don’t own a flag to put out and every year say I am going to buy one.  My current crush is actually over owning a SWAG.   Abe Lincoln here I come. This one is by Grand in Road ($39.) Maybe after the holiday it will be on sale??

And finally this is holiday now has extra special meaning because it’s the weekend that two years ago I picked up Trooper (the rescue daschund!)  We were both a little suspect of each other at first but now it is pure.straight.up obsession…for the both of us.


Happy Fourth of July to you and all your Yankee Doodles!!