X Bench Reveal

Hopefully you caught X Benches {Part One} and my xbench collage overload!  I also promised I would show you a do-it-yourself project.  As I mentioned before I was searching online for an affordable xbench and stumbled upon a post from Living Livelier about how they found cheapy cheetah benches online at Sears.  They were $59.99 each. {Update: Now on sale for $51!}   I actually loved the style of the dark brown legs, and while I would have to recover them, I still figured they whole project would be less than most benches out there. So here’s the reveal!

I wanted two benches to replace a dusty orphan ottoman that was supposed to be a ‘temporary’ fix ages ago…


First off, I order 2 benches from Sears and assembled everything.  They got a big thumbs up for being super easy to assemble.  Just don’t bother screw down the cushion if you are recovering…

Paid of X Benches

Already happy with how they filled in the length of the couch.  However, while never opposed to animal prints, this one had a fuzziness that reminded me of a child’s little fleece footsie pajamas.  Didn’t really scream quality upholstery.  🙂



Fabric Time.  Remember my field trip to the Textile Outlet?  Well while there I told my friend I wanted to pick something out for these that would be bold and fun and out of my comfort zone. She would nudge me on whenever I stopped at a cream and white striped linen!   So with her encouragement I bought 3 yards (probably too much) of this bold circular print!

A good old staple gun worked great for attaching the fabric to the back.  No magic here, just stretch it and kept checking the front to make sure it was straight.  For the corners, I tried to tuck the excess material inside a bit and almost wrap it like a present. X Bench ReCovering
I later realized I should have been a bit more careful with where the holes were on the cushion. Some were covered a bit by the fabric so I just snipped it. You need them nice and visible when attaching the base with the long screws.

X Bench ReCovering
It went pretty fast!  Note I did not bother with the buttons, just covered them right up.


They are a really nice dimension to fit a good size tray perfectly!

X Bench Makeover
Still getting used to the bold pattern but with some new pillows they are starting to grow on me!
($59.99 x 2)  + $30 of fabric and less than 1hr of labor = woohoo!