Michigan Reboot Weekend

1 hour and 14 minutes (but who’s counting) from Chicago is a 10 miles stretch of road I love, starting with the with the tiny town of New Buffalo, Michigan. While I adore Chicago, as a Northern Virginia girl born and raised, the one pitfall that never quite goes away is the feeling of being landlocked.  So jumping in the car for a mini-getaway to a little beach (albeit a lake!), a few quaint shops, farmer’s markets and antique stores, is sometimes the perfect cure for that.

I also am becoming pleasantly surprised at how little time I actually need to REBOOT.  While grandiose plans of getting my affairs in order enough to disappear for a week might seem like pipe dreams, it’s amazing how quickly I can unwind if I put my vacation response ‘on’ and turning off the cell for a day.  The reason I love this spot is because it’s easy to get to and gives me a sampling of everything that is good for the soul: sandy feet, a lowkey feel, and just a touch of shopping… Starting with the beach. It ain’t your rolling waves but it can hold it’s own for a couple hours!

From New Buffalo the Red Arrow Highway starts the 10 mile strip I love.  It has some must-stop places along the way.  The first before you leave town is P&E Mullins Local Shop  Tiny, cute, and delicious stuff packed into the first floor of this little house on the side of the road. And look how they display the fruit you guys…those darn little tags…

But their main claim to fame is that Pat & Ellie make their own meats.
Like there is a crowd-when-the-door-opens kind of meats…

Keep going up the road and there is produce, everywhere.  Farmer’s markets galore all over these parts…
I am coming to really appreciate the Michigan farmers!!!

All the stores have that vintage, cool, barny thing about them. Look at these cute salts..yes, the labels made me stop. Also have to give a shoutout to Soe Cafe that is just a little beacon of delicious rustic food! Their burger is insane for the record.

And then there are places like this on the side of the road….BE. STILL. MY. HEART.  It’s like HomeGoods only rustic style.  Some may cringe but I could get lost in these Antique places forever.  Makes me want to bring home a million things to sand and paint.   So much stuff from old china to random home decor.

As lastly, if that isn’t enough, on the drive back to Chicago you can stop at the Michigan City Outlet Mall and pop in the JCrew or  Banana Republic and pick up a few new items for work on Monday. The perfect bridge from from country girl back to city girl. 30 more minutes and I was Home Sweet Home.  24 hour reboot accomplished.