Urn Lamp in 1 Hour + 20 Bucks

Perhaps you noticed in last post that the holiday nook actually had a lamp on the dresser! It’s a miracle. I didn’t want to lose my focus on the living room (just wait till I share the latest on that) but fine, it happened. Once I addressed the BLACK HOLE CORNER I just HAD to light it.  I mean it’s been 7 years let me obsess a little. But my rule on impulse decorating like this is that I cannot go crazy $$$-wise.   I like to take my time with nice pieces so if I am going to slap something up there it better not cost much.

I have been loving Urn Lamps lately.  And why is it that once you focus in on something for the first time in your life, you THEN begin to discover how expensive it is?  For instance visit The French Apartment shop in my old hometown of Washington, DC and purchase this gorgeous pair of brushed silver urn lamps (top middle) for only $450 for the pair.  *Sigh*. In my next condo. 🙂

Urn Lamps {Clockwise  Restoration Hardware, The French Apartment, Gore Dean, CocoCozy, CCHome Furnishings, RH}

However it is OK to dream and OK to look because it gives me COPY CAT ideas when I least expect it. Like THIS little guy who was hanging out at the Salvation Army. Yes, I go there on my lunch break and yes, I categorize the walk as my “exercise” at lunch. It was $15.50 and guess what? It was 50% off day at the Salvation Army!!  It just seemed to have that shape that I was looking for.


Unlike some other bloggers I am not really a spray paint girl. I would love to do that more and transform things, but again city living and the condo don’t lend themselves to big spray paint projects. Ah, to have a garage. So must admit this was my first in awhile and I needed help from the Ace Hardware guy. I sort of didn’t think it was going to be this easy.  He said scratch it up with sandpaper, prime with the first can, and spray paint with the second.  This I can do…
Spray Painting a Lamp

One coat of the primer, and then a few coats of the paint with little breaks in between. Both primer and spray paint dried REALLY fast so this was my kind of project – completed in an hour and little clean up! I topped it off with a lamp shade that I already had from a broken lamp (dare I say probably from college?)  But the drum shape of the shade was PERFECT and it came down just low enough to hide what starts to be the lamp ‘guts.’  You know what I mean.  So the FINISHED PROJECT!! 
Redone Spray Painted Lamp
Lamp: $7.75
Primer and Paint: $11.50
Time: Three 15minute sprays, watching TV in between.
Lamp Shade: Re-purposed.

Now I know why people spray paint! Wow. Black Hole Corner gone! 🙂