The Throws of Throw Pillow Mania…

I love Divine Design. I don’t love that clearly Candice doesn’t work in a budget, but love the end REVEAL.  One of my favorite parts is when she sits with the rugged-tough FABRIC GUY (what is his name?) and whips out all of these random fabrics that magically look great once piled together.


{Photos from Elle Decor and “Take Over Your Attic” Episode}

I’m ready to dive in and try the mixing game.  My two successes so far – USING POWERPOINT and ETSY:

Candice suggests a sample board (I also love this part of the show) so that you can play with fabric scraps and samples before they get install.  Since I am the online girl I like to do it on my laptop. If you don’t have a Photoshop, Powerpoint (or even Word) can work just as well.  When you have a picture selected the Format Tab should show up at the top,  and will allow you to resize, crop and drag your images. I pasted in all my favorite pillows and slid them around to play with different groupings.  You can even place the pillows right onto pictures of your furniture.  Very helpful!

Throw Pillows on Etsy



My second tip is looking on Etsy for pillow covers.  Sexy pillows in sexy stores always seem to cost an ungodly amount.  Browsing Etsy I found some fabulous shops. I ordered from three different sellers  and not only were they affordable but when each arrived I squealed! Then trotted myself over to Joann’s Fabric for inserts.  Can’t wait to show you my purchases in the final REVEAL.  My Etys picks…

Throw Pillows on Etsy
Show Above {Decidely Chic, The HomeCentric and Nena Von}