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My Favorite Desk Tools

If you’re hoping to get craftier in 2013, I have some suggestions that might mike life easier.  Here are the things at my desk that I cannot live without.  I will refrain from discussing things like label makers and circular cutters… these basics are so great to have around for wrapping a quick present, or dashing off a little note. And as an added bonus most look cute on your desk, too.

Self Healing Matt and X-acto Knife. These two are just a must.  X-Acto’s are sharp razors that you hold nicely like a pencil. They cut straight lines way better (and faster) than scissors.  Keep a self healing matt close by your desk (mine is just 12×12) so you can always slap it down and have a cutting surface.

Neutral Thin Ribbon.  Whether tying on a gift tag, or wrapping up a small gift, you will be surprised how convenient it is to have a thin ribbon on hand.

Jumbo 2inch Hole Punch and Handheld Hole Punch.  Both of these are great.  The 2″ punch creates a a gift tag instantly from card stock, and the handheld creates the hole for stringing. So useful.

Metal Ruler. This is for the cutting mentioned above.  Metal rulers with cork on the bottle don’t slide and won’t get scraped up by X-acto knife like a plastic ruler does.

Standing Tape Dispenser.  No fussing, stays in place, frees up your hands. Check out for the cutest colors you can imagine.

Sharpies.  And finally the best for last. Sharpies just keep coming out with more and more fun colors.  They are nice, juicy and try the ‘fine tip’ ones that are out!