Martha Stewart Wedding Show

March was blur this year ~ so catching my breath and excited to finally share!  Perhaps the biggest deal for me was being invited to host a table at the Martha Stewart Wedding Party in Chicago founded by The Wedding Library and hosted locally here as well by Lovebird Events.  It was hosted at the Ritz Cartlon just off Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago so the venue was STUNNING.  I could go on and on.  It was such an honor meeting all the lovely brides and friendly vendors – the good energy in the room was tangible!


I was so relieved/delighted with how our table turned out.   A good chunk of March was spent hemming and hawing over styling this blank table.  The dry-runs on the dining room table at home definitely helped.   By the time the day arrived I just wanted at it.  Here I am with the perma-smile that was on my face all day.  Overall was so pleased with our fresh, happy look showing off details, details, details!




 Then the doors opened and what a crowd!   I believe almost 800 brides attended.  Beside me was Katherine Anne Confections. She was as sweet as her truffles that she slipped me for sustainance that day.  The Revel Group had my favorite display.  A boxwood & mirror backdrop, lines of blue and white ginger jars, and enough fresh greenery for an english garden.  There were cakes everywhere, bridesmaid dresses and more tablescapes.  It was really quite a show. I think I have enough inspiration to last me all year!

MarthaStewartWeddingParty_Chicago01 MarthaStewartWeddingParty_Chicago02



Until next time?!  XOXO