Textile Outlet Chicago

Am still speechless.  My girlfriend Ms. L took me on my first visit to the Textile Outlet in Chicago.  There are no words.  When I told her I was looking for some fabric for a project (reveal soon!) she insisted this was the place. For the record I believe we arrived at 10am and left at 1pm.  Just had to show you pics!

The old red brick building should have been my first clue as it was a city block long.

Textile Outlet Chicago
Upon entering Ms. L had a strategy, she did NOT let me stop at anything on the first round….we had to just walk the whole thing and let it sink in.  (I think my mouth may have been open during this whole first spin thru!)

Textile Outlet Chicago
So we walked…..
and walked… Textile Outlet Chicago

and then went upstairs and walked some more!

We passed so many gorgeous fabrics! But we had to keep moving!

Textile Outlet Chicago

And not just fabrics… Tassels anyone? My girlfriend loved those. Or how about ribbons? My mind was just spinning! Was there somewhere that I could use a sparkly  navy and gold ribbon? Love!

Just had to laugh as we passed a huge pile of faux leather.  Really? Come on.

And then we went to the basement…not quite sure how they do inventory down there. A touch scary! But had my faithful guide so we started to dig in.  We found the best strategy was to just runs your eyes over an aisle and see if anything popped out.  They also cut little swatches for you so I walked out with my collection of candidates.

Truly an experience!  If you have any fabric outlets in your area I highly recommend.
I can’t wait to show you which fabric I choose and what it’s for ~ Stay tuned!

Textile Outlet Chicago