Seeing Past the Packaging

It has been a full two weeks and I would be remiss if I did not introduce the newest member of our family, Toby – a dachshund that might give me a run for my money, but has already stolen my heart.   My parents started the dachshund obsession, and then low and behold it took over my family from all sides, from my cousin in NYC, to another cousin in Michigan who married into a doxie family, to an Aunt and Uncle on my in-laws side. It’s safe to say this breed is top banana for us.

As it does for most of us, my first love brought me to my knees.  Trooper was a black and tan dachshund and will always be a LEGEND in our household.  Today marks the 2yr anniversary of his passing.   He was a rescue and finally this summer I felt ready to do it all over again.

I was feeling very proud of myself for being so open t-minded as to the next one.  I wanted to rescue again, but didn’t care from where, what the back story really was, too much about the age, or whether was a boy or a girl.  However I was sort of set on one thing – I needed that sleek black bod with the caramel eyebrows.

After months of searching and being very discouraged this hot mess was brought to my attention.  Apparently he came with a not-to-be-missed personality. We learn so young ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ but it would be like wanting a black wool winter coat for the winter and coming home with a Ikat Tribal Cloak.  I really could see past the packaging.   My mother gets credit for reminding me that it is the insides that counts.  ‘If he’s pure doxie that will come out in spades and the color won’t matter. ‘   So we went to meet him at the Petsmart with his foster Mom and the rest is history.

I am now so in love that I have to apologize each day for calling him a Hot Mess. His personality literally can’t fit into that tiny 13 lbs rock solid body.  I realize that if I had gotten want I wanted, I would have had a pang of sadness each time I looked at him thinking of my first love.  Toby is unique alright, and actually now I think the packaging couldn’t be better…spots and fuzzy are the new black and sleek. XOXO