Scrabble Themed Bridal Shower

Scrabble seems to be sweeping the party theme scene, which doesn’t surprise me because the most successful and cohesive themes are always the one that easy to build on!  Scrabble could not be more perfect for laying out the ‘key words’ for the event.   The game is sort of a throw back to a sweet simpler time – a nice sentiment for a bridal shower when you will be dressed like a lady and receiving your casserole dishes…

I made favor stickies for Kiersten who was hosting the scrabble themed bridal shower pictured below.  The scrabble piece banners hanging in the background set the stage, the picture frames genius and the cake to die for!

Kiersten’s idea for the table frames was so simple and smart.  Note the use of the ring!  Here’s her recap:

“This shower was SO simple and very affordable. We used old scrabble tiles to put together fun sayings for the couple, snapped photos of it and then framed them for table decorations. I ordered a Scrabble cake – which was DELISH. And I ordered those fun scrabble banners for the couple from Etsy as well. Then for the favors – I used your stickers and put them on a clear bag stuffed with Haribo alphabet gummy letters. (definitely a bit chewy but they were great!)”  Kiersten

Playing with the letters I imagine you could find a way to connect any two names –
even if not directly maybe throw a phrase like ‘Happily Ever After’.

I could just eat the frosting right off of this…

The alphabet-gummy-letter favors with Juliana’s “J” on the scrabble theme stickies!

Thanks again to Kiersten for the photos. Darling as a bridal shower but could work just as well for a baby shower with the pink, blue and beige color palette. Another idea for your files!