Gallery Walls Order vs Random

Continued to work on my gallery wall this weekend. Had-to-step-away. It’s proving way trickier than I thought.  It is like one big PUZZLE. So did some scouting for photos to just keep me on track!

Just to review: While symmetric gallery walls are always classic and you really can’t go wrong, I am attempting a random arrangement.  But just to have a comparison, some nice symmetric shots…these are looking much easier to me right about now!

Symmetric Gallery Walls {Domino Mag, Donna Griffith Photography via DecorPad, Country Living, Nathan Egan via Decorpad}

Next for some random arrangement inspiration.  One route seems to be to using very similar (if not exact) frames and simply mixing up the arrangement.  I think I’ve got it bad…check out the lady who had to crawl up the staircase with her layout. 🙂

Gallery Walls and Picture Frames {Apartment Therapy, Domino Magazine, Eric Cohler Design}

Even seeing little circular elements thrown in there sometimes….

Gallery Walls and Picture Frames {Domino Magazine}

Or those who just went crazy and mixed it all in!  Just for the record, am confident I could NOT pull this off.

Gallery Walls and Picture Frames {Elle Decor, Domino, Design Sponge}

A great ode to the family photos…

Family Photo Gallery Walls {Urban Grace Interiors and Sawdust & Paper Scraps}

And finally, found this one particularly calming…the project continues!

Gallery Walls and Picture Frames6
{Steven Gambrel and Eric Piasecki Photography}