Quick Party Backdrop

When setting up a little party spread, sometimes the ‘backdrop’ can be tricky.  I was recently looking for a place for a small folding table with party items and there wasn’t a plain wall in sight.  Plus that’s sort of boring anyway!  I think that’s why you often see nice backdrops behind table settings in magazines. Hanging FABRIC behind a table does wonders.  It screams the ‘party is over here’!

How to hang it is another story.  Every location might be different, but wanted to share a super simple method that worked miraculaouly for me! This three item solution was also cheap and fast.

First I popped a couple of over-the-door-hooks on some double closet doors.  This might even work on a single door, if you spread them far apart.2012_01_30_quickbackdrop01Next I used an adjustable tension rod, this one from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I just twisted it out to the length I wanted, and draped the fabric over it.  Then just cradle the bar in the hooks.  These rods are nice a strong, so they can extend pretty far out without support.  The fabric might pucker a bit but just tug and adjust.  I used this adorable red and white searsucker print fabric, and about 3 yards was plenty.

And that’s it!
If you take some memorable shots of your party, close ups look great with a the backdrop as well.
Remember this is not only a good cover-up technique but it really adds some fun color, too!