Palm Prints Trending

More than slightly obsessed with all the palm prints and banana leaf patterns going on right now.  I have always loved the Bahamas, Miami, Palm Beach beachy vibe and it makes me drool picturing some open air hotel where white curtains are blowing all over the place and I didn’t bother drying my hair because of the humidity.  The pattern is so adorable on skirt or bathing suit and I would be happy to cover the heck out of a room with wallpaper in it!

BananaLeaf01Party Skirt // Phone Cover // Pillow // Chair // Wallpaper

Had to even break out my watercolors and add a new label design to the shop.



In my head summer should be a lower key time. But in reality sometimes it seems to feel like the opposite with more people to see, vacations to plan and reasons to be outside.  My big summer ‘project’ is building a brand new website for Sweet Sanity. It couldn’t be more thrilling, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.

Heard a great line today about planning.  “Big things take time to transition, take a note from nature.”   I loved that, Take a Note from Nature.  From landscaping your backyard to growing a baby! Nothing nature does happens overnight, but the results are always amazing. It is a slow transition to get it right.  So maybe we can take the same approach to all we have going on this summer and take it slow. Baby steps.