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Postcards from Florida

Fresh back from vacation. Was time to stop in on Mom and Dad in Florida. It’s funny, I was sleepy the whole time. Perhaps it was the humidity, or perhaps the body knows it can finally relax, enjoy Mom’s cooking, sit by the pool and maybe on a “busy” day decide where to go out for dinner. Or maybe it was the Pilates class I took with five women over the age of 70 that kicked my bum (they were animals!) I even slept on the 2.5hr flight home.  And no, it was not an early a.m. flight!

I had brought home my laptop, a flurry of post it notes about new design ideas, and a notebook full of big ‘to-dos’ I should be thinking about.  None of which I opened.  But today I can say that’s ok.

I have been on a big fat journey over the past couple of years trying to pay attention to the mind-body connection. This was for lots of reasons, maybe for another time. But I used to ‘override’ the body a lot. Now I realize we are on the same team.  How rude the body must think I am when I get mad at it for under performing. It’s done the best it can with whatever I have (or haven’t!)  given it.  So today I listen.  And a sleepy vacation I had.

One of my favorite Seinfeld reruns is about Kramer crashing on Jerry’s couch.  At about 6pm in the evening Kramer decides he needs to turn in, requiring everyone to leave the living room.  It is priceless, especially when he is confronted with resistance and simply replies, “Well…I don’t argue with the body Jerry. It’s an argument you can’t win!!!”   Here’s to listening to you bod this week!  XOXO

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