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Great Frame for Bulk Buys

Have been meaning to post this little quickie for awhile and now the hot chocolate sign is a bit out of date as we move into April!  But that said, I get lots of questions about frames to use for signs at events.   For formal table arrangements an expensive frame is lovely, but sometimes you just need a cheapy! Especially if you are buying a bunch for an event.  I don’t think you can beat the Tolsby Frame from IKEA. It comes in a pack of TWO for 99CENTS.  Yes, that’s for two. Come on.  The only negative is that they are not sold online so next time you are there toss some in your cart or remember your friend who is planning a shower in three months.

The frames are only plastic (clearly for that price) but actually built very cleverly.  What I think is rather civilized is that each frame comes with clear plastic sheets that sandwich your sign as you drop it is. This somewhat protects it.  You can also make them double sided which is very handy.  Make sure you peel off the cloudy layer of shrink wrap from the protective covers (you can hardly see it.)

Then screw the frame into its stand…

Um, and you’re done. That’s it.   The Tolsby white picture frame from Ikea is perfect for candy bars, candy bars, food buffet tables, wedding tables, baby shower, BBQs, picnics, classrooms, you name it.