Our First Shiplap Wall!

As long time Chip + Joanna fans, a shiplap somewhere in our home has always been a goal.   At the same time, it has to work with the decor of that room.   When we first started this home renovation, we would discuss many ideas of where but we never had the perfect spot for a wall for shiplap.  Until we made some progress in the living room and decided that it would make the perfect back drop to our built-in bookcase.    I loved the idea to use tongue and groove for the backs of the shelves.   But in the living room, it would also give us a huge bonus.  We could cover the entire wall with it and not have to fix the drywall.  Drywall is so dusty, and worst yet, while I have attempted it before, it is still something we leave to the professionals, therefore are on their timetable.

This was the wall before starting – the location of our front door and a window, neither of which we wanted in this location anymore.

We will spare you the disaster zone photos but first put down the wood flooring and then raised the ceiling.

Next, we relocated the front door.   We planned to take the window out from the other side when we dealt with the new siding. So, for now we were going to cover it!

Then we went for it!   The nail gun was key!