Oh Hello! Getting Back on Track


So I am re-committing (yet again) to the blog!    I do have a good excuse.  I have been at ‘work camp’ as my friend likes to call it.  Me and my Hoe.  My little cottage in Michigan is a sanctuary.  I love everything about going up there and sneaking away from the city.   I have been shocked at how much I love getting dirty.  Maybe after being the city for so long, I just welcome the chance to be outside in the yard for an entire day.  I literally look forward to working weeding, planting and seeing instant results. Ok, some results aren’t so instant, like my hedge row that might take until I am retired to become a wall.  But laying sod sure is!   I think watching my parents take such pride in their property and working so hard on it gave me that chip that until now I didn’t realized.

However…my deal to myself to have a little sanctuary was to break out the spreadsheets, crunch the numbers, and rent it out for some weeks each summer.    This means the lead up months of April and May I am usually laying mulch like a mad women to get ready for the first renters. I honestly secretly enjoy it. I have always liked hosting anything, and while I will never meet these vacationers, I get excited hoping they find every little detail (organized and labeled of course) that they need while escaping for a week.

Now that the summer is here and wedding season is in full swing, my brain is back on Sweet Sanity and in overdrive.  We have an exciting summer planned with new products and a brand new website, too.  So the Hoe is back in the shed for the summer.   Here’s to new priorities!  XOXO