Mid Century Credenza

After ripping up the carpet in the bedroom and removing the bulky armoire, I really was hoping to replace it with a long credenza instead of a dresser.  I wanted a nice low table top for lamps, my odds and ends, etc. A credenza would also give me cabinet storage, not only shallow clothes drawers. Here were some dreamy bizillion $ ones…

2011_07_17_credenza01{Photo Credit: House Beautiful, RoomServiceStore, and Palmer Weiss}

But you can’t always have what you want.  I learned that the world seemed to offer credenzas usually between 70-80inches long.  So I got realistic and used masking tape to see the MAX size furniture I could squeeze onto that wall. I also put tape on the wall to about the height I would like.

MUCH shorter than 80inches! So I hunted with measurements in hand.  This made things quicker — and easier to pull myself away from pretty pieces that were never going to fit! Finally, I found this piece online at BackGarage in Chicago.  Katherine finds all sorts of vintage second hand pieces.  Walking through her studio was like a time warp – I think I saw my Mom’s pea green casserole dish! I am not a real danish/mid-century kind of girl but could NOT pass up the perfect fit or the price. Second hand always affords you the free license to makeover!

I sanded it down, took off the one knob, and did some minor spackling on some cuts. Next the white paint.  Millions of coats.  Just for the record the paneled sides slowed me down!!

I used the same hardware from my nightstand for the single door to attempt to tie them together???
Overall, while it isn’t the credenza from House Beautiful, it was under $300 and because I stuck to my guns on the size requirements I am SO happy with its overall fit in the room.  Big bonus to me is that it has a few drawers for clothes AND  a cabinet for extra storage. Yea for masking tape planning!