Sprucing Up Plain Jane Garland

Still trying out these new family room colors and wanted to keep things natural.  Last year had to pitch the dirty dusty garland from the 90s so bought a super PLAIN JANE replacement.

While there I saw so many people picking through bins of those little “sticks”.  You know, the little clusters of berries on sticks, pine cones on sticks, sparkly fruit on sticks, you get the picture. Was never really sure what to do with them, but I do keep them.  In fact I have loads of these little FILLERS that I’ve kept through the years from the tops of gift packages, plucked out of old wreathes, etc.

So I decided to see if I could spruce up the garland with fillers I already had.  I cleared out the red berries and consolidated the white/goldish colors.

What I DO like about this idea is that all the fillers come out and next year if I want to do red and silver instead of greens and white no problem!

First up when the PLAIN JANE garland.

Plain Garland

Then in went the little fillers. SO easy, just slid them in where needed. Barely bothered really “attaching” them.

Fillers for Garland


In looking for what else I could use, I remembered my crystal-ly Martha Stewart fake fruit that hasn’t graced us with it’s presence in awhile. I plucked out just the green colors. They added a little more sparkle and were great to anchor the ends with.

Even added some of the crystal-ly apples (and some sparkly eucalyptus) to the existing brown vase. A few green candles and the remaining fake snow with the rest of the pine cones and viola! Finished product. Not too bad for the minimal work. I do think I miss how last year’s garland had the lights inside of it so you had that extra sparkle without having to light candles. But we are moving on!

Chrsitmas Garland