My Biggest Crush: Trooper

Sometimes I like to deviate from design & beautiful things by highlighting the things I REALLY love in my life…..and perhaps my biggest crush is Trooper.   He is the heartbeat of the house, and the world wouldn’t be the same without him.  In January, devastating news about a tumor meant that he would not be around much longer (supposedly).  Yet as the calendar rolled through the winter, spring and summer I got the memo – I’m not the one in charge of his timeline!  So we are practicing living in the moment around here.  And he definitely gives me lots of moment!

Trooper is a rescue and from the moment I saw those EARS online it was over.  His little bum foot is part of his charm, too.  He stared at me the whole ride back from Cincinnati to Chicago being so good and so brave.

For those of you who’ve adopted, you know how incredible the journey is from “hope this was right?” to sheer LOVE affair.

It’s inspiring how animals adapt – he quickly had a PULSE on things…from his 9″ perspective, of course.

These little beings just burrow their way into our hearts, don’t they?  I admired Trooper’s quiet but determined way of showing me how he would clearly like to live his life. I think we would all feel better if we practiced self care of ‘numero uno’ like they do.  Trooper reminds me to:

Rest, OFTEN. And don’t feel guilty about it.   If possible, get in the big bed just after fresh sheets are applied.

If you are going to live in a cold climate, embrace sweaters.

Don’t complain about travel – be flexible and spontaneous no matter your limitations.

Get a little sun on the kisser when you can,
and always celebrate your birthday no matter your age (even if you don’t know it!)

A friend once said to me, what will I do when my dog passes away – who will I talk to?  And I knew just what she meant. Trooper is always underfoot, especially in the kitchen.  Once I asked the little sous chef if he remembered how long it took to make a soft boiled egg. He didn’t.  But he always listens patiently.  And sometimes that’s all ya need.  XOXO

{And thank you to Lindsay Ammons, the best pet photographer in Chicago!}