Mini Desk ReVamp

Felt like I wanted to skip down the hallway the other night when I finally figured out how to rearrange my desk.  You know when some furniture or decor arrangement is just not working and then finally it clicks?

I was all excited because I bought a new monitor to connect to my laptop.  Working on a big screen is going to be SO nice.  BUT, before I knew it everything on top of the desk down to the pencil cup was irking me and the arrangement wasn’t working.  I am sensing a pattern…typically I have to completely unravel things and it all has to go to hell until I get a game plan of how to put it back together.  And by ‘unravel’ I mean full blown, everything on the floor, lamps unplugged, ‘why don’t you just clean the whole area while you are at it’ type of unravel.

Over a year ago during a storage meltdown,  I picked up a file cabinet on craigslist to store all my different stocks of paper.  I covered it with chevron contact paper and it tucked nicely under the desk. That solved some of the storage issues that come with having such a minimalistic desk.

I also use this red box for little desk drawer-ish stuff. I love the pop of color and extra storage but it takes up a lot of room on the desk.  I ALWAYS feel like I need more light and have thought about putting another lamp on the desk, but there is no room, and is that even allowed? Finally it hit me –  roll out the little cabinet and place a lamp on top.  I realize this isn’t rocket science people but I was SO happy. It gives me a whole other surface when I am working, too. 

It’s a bit of a hodge-podge but for now it works and the functionality it is amazing.   Let out a little ‘YES!’ for figuring out how to incorporate some light in that corner, get the monitor in the mix, and still save my red box.  Phew.  After the revamp detour I am now ready to sit down and be uber productive!!