Mission: Mini Living Room Re-Do

My living room needs a mini-makeover. Have been pouring over my home journal for ideas and am thinking that I will share my little updates with you in case there are some sweet and sane tips I run into. Using my friend Ms. J’s quote “I have champagne tastes on a beer budget!”  when it comes to decorating so will be scouring for the best deals with that special look!


* Keep 50% of Existing Furniture:
The need for a new couch (and maybe a new chair) spurned this whole thing, but will incorporate existing ottoman, lamps, and two cabinets that I still love and are in great shape.
* Try New Color Scheme:
This will be tricky. I am leaving the mossy green painted wall. The old color scheme was greens, with dark plum couches, and lots of reds. Will see how much I can change it up and still play off that wall?
* Old and New Accessories:
One the color scheme is set, see how much I can re-purpose old accessories, and find some affordable new additions.
* Cozy Upscale?
Hoping I can make it a little more upscale BUT since this is a condo living the ‘living room’ is also your ‘family room’…can I get tidy luxurious look that is also suitable for napping during Real Housewives viewing?


Mind you I was very, very proud of myself in 2001 for being so trendy as to pick a dark purple velvet couch (with matching over-sized chair and ottoman.) It definitely was cozy, but now has seen better days and I am over its massive size and dominant color.

Craigslist finally worked. The whole experience was a bit bothersome but at least they are gone!
Now onto the search for a NEUTRAL couch…

 Check back for my next installment.  I am hoping for big things this weekend.