Working with Mini Champagne Bottles

I started Sweet Sanity based on the premise that we should be able to add spunk to a party while keeping it sane!  I spend lots of time testing out my products to make sure I would want to use them.  These past couple of months I have been rolling my sleeves up on MINI BOTTLES as the craze continues to use mini champagne bottles and mini wine bottles as cocktail hour sippers and party favors! They are just the CUTEST when personalized.  But do you take the labels off?  And if so how?

I vote to always take the labels off.  The chances of finding a perfectly sized ‘cover up’ label is slim and if a little bit of the original labels sticks out you won’t be happy!  SS labels are 3×2 inches and the size looks great on most mini bottles out there.  Some can even be covered perfectly…but for those that can’t here are my tips for taking them off!   (PS. Some of these techniques go for Full Size Wine Bottles, too!)

Some labels will place nice. And some will not.

Very often I have gotten lucky and peeled labels right off – if you go slowly!
But these Korbel Brut (187ml) did not play nice.  For labels like this, there are a couple of things you can try.



One method is to try applying some heat.  A hair dryer works great.
Sometimes from here if you can grab just a corner and get it started,  you can peel the whole thing off.


If that fails (and often just the top layer comes off) warm water will work. SOAK THEM OVERNIGHT if you have time in warm water and dish soap this will help a ton! Very often a jump start in soaking makes them very easy.  If you are short on time, running them under hot water and then using a rough sponge can speed up the process.

One wedding planner was kind enough to send me her experience…”I used Korbel. I soaked them in a large Tupperware of water for a couple of days. And they came off relatively easy. About 75 bottles took me one hour to take off all the labels completely. I can’t wait to show you my bottles. Your labels look awesome! The wedding is tomorrow and I’m all set. Thanks to you.”  Julia


Then simply dry them off and center your stickers and press!   Use your nails to rub out any little bumpy spots.

NOTE:  Be aware of where the bottle starts to slant towards the top.  Bottles with ‘high shoulders’ are very nice to work with.
Place the sticker low enough so that all of it can fit on the flat plane; it might pucker towards the top if you start too high.


Mini Wine Bottles work much the same way.  These Sutter Home Bottles (187mls) actually had plastic wrappers that peeled off easily.



But like most labels, even if they come off easily they will leave a little sticky residue.
For this mineral spirits are a must. Just dab a little on with a paper towel and rub off the stickie parts!
(Works great for all price tags you come in contact with, too!)


Once you have cleaned off the residue, apply your label, again starting in the center is easiest, and gently pushing down each side.


 These Chandon Brut Classic (187ml) bottle played very nice. The labels came right off and were ready for personalization!

Now I send you off to Pop the Bubbly!