Mini Champagne Bottle Favors

I must admit that I LOVE champagne.  Love. I get excited to attend a wedding knowing it will most likely be the standard drink for at least the first hour…I feel like it completes the fancy outfit.

After many requests for personalized labels for mini bottles I finally researched some sizing and added them to the Sweet Sanity wine bottles section.  This past weekend doing product shots for Etsy I couldn’t get over how cute they looked.   Just a label and a bow and they were ready to go.  All lined up on a table as you walked it would look so great.  Not sure why I have never used them at a shower or party but I am taking a mental note…

For bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings I think they are the perfect favor.  But apparently they are popular for a Baby Shower, too. While the guest of honor cannot technically enjoy them, the “About to Pop!” phrase is just too cute to resist when it comes to the party planning…

If you want go nuts like Tori Spelling probably would, add matching striped straws.  I guess I shouldn’t talk as I have a box of pink ones stashed in the kitchen cabinet.  Tested it out on the front porch after the props were no longer needed….Hey, it was a grueling afternoon!