Letting Creatives Do Their Thing

This past weekend was the photoshoot for my upcoming new-and-improved website.  Phew.  Too much to even share.  Imagine the glee of spending a day playing with sparkly ribbon, mini champagne bottles and slices of cake….yes, real cake!  The work that went into planning the scenes, collecting the props, lugging all the stuff to the studio, unpacking, styling and shooting was an eye opener.  Next time you open a catalog and see a blanket flopped over a chair, know that flop took a few tries!

It was beyond creatively satisfying AND inspiring watching my photographer and her stylist.  It’s amazing how a tweak here and there can just elevate things. My photographer, the lovely Lisa, was the ring leader of this operation. I have been dying to work with her since meeting her at the Martha Stewart Wedding Show.  Just check out her IG and you will know why.  A friend pointed out it is very special to find someone else who’s aesthetic you love enough to trust them entirely.

It has me thinking this week about how important it is to relinquish our control (I know, deep breath) and let those people to let do their thing.  While these products are my babies, I was very clear that I wanted Lisa and her stylist to have room to breathe and be creative!




Whether you’re planning  your wedding,  getting the nanny up to speed before school starts or working with a contractor on a new patio, it’s in our nature to micromanage (eh-em, control.)  But if we’ve done our research (I’m sure you have and then some!) and hired great people, then we’re done.  It’s time to let them share the work, give them space, let them crack into their talent and do their THANG.   Trusting that even if they tell you, “stand there and pour the champagne with your arm outstretched on the count of 3 …it will look great!”  that it will.   So cheers to letting go (a little!)


That’s a wrap!  XOXO