Pouring Paint into Glass

Designer Eddie Ross has a fun blog.  He designs lots of table settings for magazine covers and scenes for store windows, but what FASCINATES me are the ‘behind-the-scenes ‘ photos of  the tricks he uses and the things he re-purposes. This posting caught my eye.  He and his lamp maker friend  swished paint around the inside of a glass lamp base, and it became this…  Eddie Ross Lamp Makeover
I would have NEVER thought of that. Pouring the paint INSIDE?? I mean a 4th grader could do this. And love how the outside then remains shiny.  I read this post as I was getting ready to throw out a lamp that had broken months ago.  I could have kept it  as yet another plain-jane-clear-glass-vase, but honestly my cabinets are EXPLODING with those.  So decided to give this technique a try.

Started by rinsing the inside, and moving some leftover white latex paint into an empty water bottle. Figured it would be easier to pour from there.

Then swirled and swirled for even coverage. No rocket science here.

After letting it dry and doing a second coat, the top needed something.  I had the twine  laying around so why not.  (If this all went very wrong it was still ending up in the trash, so who cares!)  I knotted it towards the bottom and began to wrap.  Maybe I didn’t even need glue, but I gobbed some on as well.  Finished with another knot.


Actually didn’t come out half bad.  Not a show stopper, but fun to have a brand new home accessory for free.  It’s really a revelation for leftover paint, too.  I mean why not use colored paint and have a matching vase after you finish painting a room.   Are we sharing the ah-ha moment now?? ♥  2011_04_26_latexpaint05