Ladies & Labels… A Perfect Pair To Pop The Q!

Maybe the ladies are in blue or maybe they’re rocking a little up-do! Whatever your perfect details to make your big day special, we have the perfect way to customize the big question you still need to ask the girls.  Sweet Sanity has added customizable labels that all you to design your favorite ladies themselves!  They make a great bridesmaid gift to pop the question or even change the wording up for a bridesmaid luncheon take away!


Varying dresses, hair, and skin tones are all available for your personal preference.

To send a final cheers, your group of girls including you too is available for a label.


These lovely labels are now available in our Etsy shop!

Also, don’t forget to check out the new shades that we’ve added to our color swatches list!

Swatches_Color Swatches_Bridesmaids