Know When to Fold Them

Last weekend I was browsing Craigslist (my version of online thrifting) when I came across this $15 chair.  FIFTEEN DOLLARS.  Ok, don’t laugh at me if you don’t see the potential.  Am I becoming a horder?? But I swear I had a *feeling* about it so jumped in the car and picked it up for sure enough $15. I am envisioning it in the corner of my bedroom, maybe with weathered white legs and a soft chenille fabric. And just for the record, even looking like this is it WAY COMFY.

Now how to make it chic?  Contain yourselves again as I tell you I really did envision myself learning how to reupholster, staple fabric, and do the tufting on the back.  Well, after about the 4th YouTube video on reupholstering I began to seriously doubt myself.  I have thought about it all day and think I have decided to admit this is territory we shouldn’t go into.

I have contacted the little upholstery shop in my neighborhood for a quote (holding my breath) and will keep you posted.  Still trying to beat a number in my head for what a chair like this would cost all shabby-chic and rehabbed  – we shall see…for now the pink chair is sitting in my bedroom reminding me it is ok to admit that we can’t be expected to do it all!  ♥