Jam Jar Labels

For everyone labeling jars of jam this post’s for you! In order to test out what size stickies fit best on which size jam jars I ordered an assorted box from Hope’s Pantry on Etsy.  These two ladies are passing on their grandmother’s jam recipe and only make ONE flavor in her memory ~  Strawberry Pineapple!

Wedding Favors Jam Jars

A wonderful box arrived of all different sizes, so off I went!

2011 08 01 jamjars02

First up the adorable 1.5″oz jars. Coincidentally the 1.5″ Rounds stickies from Sweet Sanity fit perfectly on the lid.
These cuties might have been my favorite!

2011 08 01 jamjars03

1.5″ Round Stickies are also perfect for the 4oz jar lids, both the taller one with the white lid, and shorter one with the silver lid.

2011 08 01 jamjars04

The 4oz jar also looks great with a 2×2″ square stickie, or the 2.5″ oval stickie.

2011 08 01 jamjars05

Next up the 16oz jar.  The 2.5″ rounds looks great on the side!

Wedding Favors Jam Jars

Wedding Favors Jam Jars
The 2.25″ rounds can be done on the top lids of the 16oz, 8oz and 4oz shorty.  It was easiest to unscrew the ring around the lid and apply (rubbing the edge down with your fingernail) and then putting the ring back on.  Great solution for jars with some detail on the sides that prevents using a flat sticker.

Wedding Favors Jam Jars

And finally when the photoshoot was over I got my toast ready ~ It was delish!
Thanks again to Hope’s Pantry for the testers! 🙂

2011 08 01 jamjars09