Cowhide Rug Saves My Hide….

Perhaps you remember my rugs issues from a couple of weeks ago?  Finding one the perfect size,  thick, neutral, traditional but trendy (???) and reasonably priced  was apparently ridiculous thinking on my part!  I’ve been popping into my den admiring a jute rug I’ve had in there for awhile – love that it is neutral, neat and tidy and was cheap!  But in the living room what about the cozy factor? (the Chicago winter is coming after all!) Hmmm….what if I combined a JUTE AND A COWHIDE? 

Browsing photos online I saw LOTS of cool looking hides but usually shown solo…

CowHide Rugs {Photos from}

Wasn’t sure how the combo would look but figured there are always return policies…So decided to go for it!  First got a SUPER AFFORDABLE jute on  Came in the 6×9 size I was looking for, and read all the reviews about the color – people were dead on. It arrived in 3 days and was a TEN. Next  searched for cowhides. They are everywhere right now but of all places bought mine at IKEA. It was almost 50% less than other places and I could check them out in person. Be prepared they are all SO different in color and size…I had to patiently wait for a girl who was hogging testing out a million of them and laying them all about the store!! Thankfully she discarded the one with the perfect mix of caramel brown and white that I needed.

Cowhide Rug over a Jute

Cowhide Rug over a Jute

Cowhide Rug over a Jute

Am WAY happier than I even thought I’d be.  You can’t really mess it up – I like that kind of designing.  And it’s neutral without being blah.  Another bonus I didn’t think of: You can sort of just randomly trickle the hide off of the jute wherever needed. This will  come in handy when positioning/anchoring the (DELAYED) last piece of furniture.  Finally had to share that  I was feeling so clever when I stumbled upon this in the Ballard Designs catalog the next week…  🙂

Final Stamp of Approval: Apparently good for afternoon sunbathing.