White Mantel Reveal!

Sorry for the delay but it was a lonnng weekend – every bit of it worth it though for THIS!

Creating a White Fireplace Mantel

The white mantle is done.  Wow, such a tiny area was deceiving to paint – but I wanted to do it right (i.e. primer and two coats!) I brainstormed with blue tape and picked out the trim for the “picture frames” at Home Depot …lots of choices but went basic.  Trim went up, then sanding, taping and priming before the two coats of semi gloss white.  All those little crevices in the wood trim and the rosettes were the most time consuming part – at least I was in the family room and had lots on the DVR!

Money Saver: Wanted to use the existing oak portion instead of ripping it out and installing a piece that wrapped around. Instead installed trim around the columns to give me an artificial place to stop the white paint!

Primer on the Mantel

As I type this I am exercising RESTRAINT – I want to hold off at least a week before putting  up any objects until the tackiness of the paint is all gone. But couldn’t resist testing a tiny bit with some fall accessories!

Creating a White Fireplace Mantel  Mantel Renovation Complete

YEAH! One last quick before and after!

Costs:  handyman for one hour, $20 worth of wood trim, and $50 worth of paint.  The biggest cost was as usual in my aching back but I think it makes a huge difference in the room! And strides in my mini living room re-do! Signing off to sit on the couch and stare…*happy sigh*