Mantel in a Weekend?

 Installment #4:  White Fireplace Mantel in a Weekend?
When I first bought this apartment I FELL in love with the tall ceilings, great fireplace and columns!

Fireplace Renovation

Over the years I have also had a ton of fun decorating the deep mantel, especially for holidays…

Fireplace Decorated for Fall
But during this mini living re-do something has been eating away at me…What is it? I said I was NOT painting the walls (now you can see why) for sanity’s sake.  I am ok with the mossy green for now. So what is it?  Finally in hit me the other day…I WANT A WHITE MANTEL!! 

White Fireplace Mantel
 {Photo from Stacey Branford Photography}

White Fireplace Mantel

{Photo from Jennifer Worts Design}

White Fireplace Mantel

{Photo from  Brandon Barre Photography}

White Fireplace Mantel
  {Photo from  Palmer Weiss}

 White Fireplace Mantel
{Photo from Mary Macdonald Photography}



The builder put a nice big piece of oak up there without any surround. Maybe the columns threw him?  Purchasing an entirely new mantel/surround when I have the top piece seems like a waste of perfectly good materials AND money. So here’s my ingenious plan.  Have my handyman come over and cut and affix wood trim in the form of “picture frames” on the sides and across the top. Then I will sand and paint the whole thing white giving the illusion of a big white mantel.  IN MY HEAD this is so coming together…Cross your fingers for Monday’s installment!  🙂