Even the Dog is Sick of No Rug

{Photos from Horchow}

So it appears I need a 6×9 rug….Not a 5×8 which looks tiny, nor an 8×10 which is huge.  I don’t have a choice with the room layout. This SUCKS and I will tell you why….after searching every one of my favorite stores and websites, apparently I was never paying attention to this fact:

There are Machine Made Rugs and Hand Made Rugs (hand woven, hand knotted, etc.) Obviously anything made with some patient little person’s hands is a hell of a lot more expensive. But many times those are the ones that come in strange sizes..7.6 x 6.3, etc.   Machines at this point are typically set to 5×8 and 8×10.  I had absolutely no problem in West Elm, HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, Arhaus, you name it finding rugs I liked, but the size is never 6×9. Having a remnant cut and bound may be an option but that is also luck of the draw with what you find.

My last bastion of hope may be Overstock. Have had great luck there in the past with doormats and runners.  I have returned one rug from there already during this hunt. The colors weren’t right (the risk of online) but it confirmed how perfect the 6×9 size is.  Overstock Note: Read the reviews, go for stars, and for the record returning was a breeze.

The search continues…Anyone have their favorite rug spots?
+50 Points to the Design Gremlins