Living Room Re-Do

Recent developments: Fabulous progress on a couch, obstacles encountered zero.

Couch.  I know what I love.  I blame my mother.  She taught me to appreciate fine furniture and now I can sadly sniff out the most expensive thing in the store and go home depressed. So major victory here. I went on a manhunt to all the places you can think of. Wasn’t trying to be miserly since it is a couch and a main piece of furniture in the room, but a ridiculous deal presented itself. A reminder of the inspiration (and their pr$ce tag$)….


{Inspiration Couches from Jayson Home and Garden}

 Am proud to say that I trusted two friends that said I should check out in Value City Furniture.  I realized quickly one would have to weave your way around some “interesting” pieces but at the same time some  of the lines were fantastic. On clearance, with a boo-boo on one side of the piping, I found this couch with great potential.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate! They took another $100 off and the final tab was equivalent to getting one of the above for 80% off! She is even a bit more comfy and inviting than the inspiration pieces. After a delicate job with some pins and a staple gun she is looking perfect and sitting in the living room.
Score:  Me +10   Design Gremlins  0