Postcards from NYC

Between traveling and the holidays I have been very bad on blogging!  But am back with some real life runnings-around.  Went on a girls’ trip to NYC a couple of weekends ago.  Not only were we celebrating a dear friend’s upcoming wedding (more about the bachelorette favors in another post!), but we got to enjoy New York in all it’s glory.  It really is magical at Christmas. Between the great city, the amazing time of year and the fabulous women on the trip it was hard not to be inspired!  Here are some of the highlights…

We did what any girl would want to do before shopping, drinking bubbly and heading out on the town – we started with HAIR.  Here comes the plug for the Dry Bar. It was F.U.N. FUN.   The pops of yellow and branding had me at hello when I walked in the door, but then someone hands you a glass of champagne and sits you down with ‘Bridesmaids’ playing behind the ‘bar’.  Come on.  All they do is ‘blowouts’ and while a bit skeptical (and a rainy at that) I am now a believer.  Just opening one in Chicago so very happy!

It’s always a must to get your running shoes on and do 5th Ave.  The tree and ice rink in Rockefeller are classics. We shopped right thru brunch so made a starvation decision to eat chestnuts from a street vendor – actually not bad.  We took in Kinky Boots which is hard to comment on – it was THAT good.  And for the record if the Salvation Army people in Chicago sang their hearts out and did choreographed dances like those in NYC, the money for charity would be rolling in!

And then there was Henri Bendel…the reason we missed brunch.  I don’t know what was better, the insane variety of cute gifts everywhere on the first floor, or the infamous brown and white striped theme just screaming out from every nook and cranny.   I was in awe of the gift wrapping on the 3rd floor and wanted them to adopt me for the season…

Later in the weekend it was brunch and strolling through ABC Kitchen and Home.  Again inspiration overload. The products, the layouts… The restaurant has hits perfection with the edgy shabby chic decor.  My friend said it is so overwhelming you often time leave with nothing because there is so much to take in.  For instance the white dishes??

The pillows and fabric were also lovely, as well as the furniture floors above. Alas I came home with nothing.  And passed Santa on the way out and of course he would look perfect!

Bye Bye NYC.   Keep a look out for for another post on the bachelorette piece of this trip!