Inspiration: Bow Ties

Oh, the Bow Tie.  Let’s face it, it doesn’t get more versatile.  To be honest my first word associations goes to ‘tuxedo’, ‘James Bond’, and perhaps a flash of George!  Or maybe JT?  Gangham Style?  I prove my point!

They are the classic symbol for a Black Tie Affair.  But they can totally hold their own in stripes, plaids and polka dots, too.   They add tons of spunk and style to a grey suit ~ whether you are a Prepster, Hipster or a Southern Gent. And don’t get me started babies and dogs…as far as I’m concerned they are both screaming for one.

{Photo Credit: DanielCraig Pic, Southern Wedding, GeorgePic, Two Little Owls,
Belle and the Beau
, Wedding Chicks, One Little Belt, Bow Wow Couture, and Little Blue Feathers}

The truth is bow ties usually signify a celebration is on the way.  They were the inspiration for my two latest prints.  The first, a classic.. Tuxedo Style Design.  This print deliver that classy touch great for any message you’d like to share – perfect for an entry way welcome, or maybe directing the guests to the bar (for a martini shaken not stirred of course!   And can I just mention that in the photo below those are my Grandmother’s dainty crystal glasses.  Swoon that I am so lucky to have them.

The second print is from a hand sketched design I did while envisioning those seersucker suits!
The Southern Gent Design delivers a little playful touch.

 I really love the Southern Gent Design for a baby shower, too.   I have yet to be invited to a Sip N’ See but have always loved the idea.  Go to the shower AND see the baby.   Not sure how the new mom feels about pulling herself together so soon afterwards, but maybe the extra help and drink in hand is just what she needs!

Finally these are for sale for nursery decor!  Perhaps you need a gift for a new ‘little man’ in your life!  XOXO