Blue Mood

Blue (& Green) Mood

Ripped this page out of the last WEST ELM catalog and have it on my fridge this week.  These colors must set something off in my brain.  Calm calm calm.  Have always loved spa blues, aqua shades and watery greens but lately they seem to be cropping up all around me and I am just embracing it!  They play so nicely together, too.  You can bunch a whole array of shades together and it still works.

This soothing color has made it’s way into my bedroom. I love how peaceful this little guy looks. Must be the color he’s in.  Or maybe he’s happy that he’s been promoted from piggie bank to spontaneous jewelry rack.

My latest prize possession is this dresser from the Painted Lady store here in Chicago.  Which if you are ever in Chicago (and decorating a nursery or a cottage) is a must.  She weathers lots of old pieces with whites and blues.  This one had a washed out aqua twinge that I’ve been craving. It brings out old glass colors really nicely (like these vintage medicine bottles).

Two Sweet Sanity swatch colors that always come back from the printer and make me sigh are
‘Robin’s Egg Blue’ and ‘Water’.  Together I just can’t get enough.

Anthropologie took my breath away the last time I was in with this display.  I have a thing about stacked bowls to begin with but the blue green collection was just so pretty.
Minty greens, sea-salty aquas, and even a lime thrown in there.

Suffice to say if you were spying on me last week you would see my latest two purchases were these Seafoam latte bowls from Anthro and a bottle of Mint Candy Apple Essie from my Walgreens. That’s my inspiration for the week!  XOXO