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If You Love It

Currently doing something new and exciting for me as I help redecorate a living room for a client from afar. I can barely wait to see it come together and wait each day for photos as furniture arrives!

I have found the process of suggesting pieces so fascinating. It reaches a point where you can give thoughtful choices but then it’s time for the client to pick what speaks to them.   It’s at this point that you can over analyze things to death. The size, color, where it could or couldn’t go in the future. Is this really my style? All of that’s important, of course, but I often come back to what my Mom always said as I watched her decorate and tweak things. “If you really really love a piece of furniture, go for it. You will always find a spot for it, no matter where you live. And it will make you smile.”

The piece above sits in my cottage. I love it every time I see and it makes me smile. Shabby chic isn’t my usual go to and I wondered if it would fit anywhere else years to come. But I know now whether a nursery or a small nook, it will always be with me!