Wine Box Herb Garden

It’s planting season (finally) in Chicago and last weekend I prepped the decks and geared up for flowers and a few veggies.  So envious of the lovely spacious yards that some of the homes around me have, but at the same time condo planting has it’s perks – mainly that I have a VERY tiny space to make cute!

This year I wanted to try a little herb garden and was brainstorming about what a cute container might be. When I this idea to use a wine box on Life on the Balcony (a smart blog totally devote to gardening in small spaces)  I wanted to try it immediately!

First things first, where to get a box?  I stalked my local wine shop for a couple of weeks.  The stocking person didn’t think I was as crazy as I thought he would – apparently ‘crafters’ ask for them all the time. Learned something useful: Bordeauxs usually come in the wooden boxes.  I guess as with everything, expensive item = cute packaging.  But since they are pricey they move a bit slower, so are a bit harder to come by.  But on my third spin-by I scored this one.  It was the only one he had and yes, it was EVERYTHING I was hoping for.  Cool lion motif? Yes please!

Next got the herbs.  Cheated and bought a mixed box ready to go. Probably could have left them in the plastic container but then where’s the fun in that.

I drilled plenty of holes in the bottom of it.  People also mentioned sealing the wood so it didn’t grey.  I skipped this part as I thought since it was for edibles I better not used anything with chemicals.  Ok, that and I just felt like that seemed like a whole extra step that  I didn’t feel like doing.   But am sure you can find an ego-friendly sealer out there!

Then in went the dirt….

And finally the herbs!  I do love how my little frog is just about eye level to keep watch…

And there you go my lovelies.   A simple, free, rustic and chic little wine box herb garden!