Wedding Weekend Survival Kits

“Weekend Survival Kits” can be a super cute way to deliver some necessary goodies to your guests, whether for a destination wedding, a group trip, or even a bachelorette party weekend with the girls. Fill them with just a few pharmacy go-tos or bulk them up with added toiletries convenient to have on hand at the hotel. Alka-Seltzer after a long night on the dance floor does wonders!

For a MINI KIT, choose a small container.  This ready-made kit from Johnson & Johnson was already filled with band-aids and first aid cream, and best of all came in the perfect white container.  Make it your open by adding in a few more things ~  I was able to squeeze in a pack of Alka Seltzer, some Advil and a sewing kit.

Finally, the best part!  Finish the kit off with a bow (red seems fitting!) and how about a custom stickie?  The new Survival Kit Stickie to includes a red cross and comes in two versions. This one features a little poem…no, we couldn’t resist…and yes, it took me some tries to get the wording to rhyme…

Get creative with your packaging.  Clear bags and pails work well, too.

For a more complete Weekend Survival Kit, think of contents that might come in handy as your guests get ready. Mints and tissues are nice for women to drop in their purses. And for destination weddings things like sun tan lotion and aloe might be fitting. Below are more ideas we had…

This label version features a tiny band-aid and the phrase ‘For Life’s Little Emergencies!’
Wording can be change on stickies as well..another cute phrase to consider is ‘In sickness and in health!’