Gold Striped Picture Frame

When I get antsy, I have realized instead of launching into a huge design makeover, sometimes I just need a little bitty craft project to feed the creative bug.  Even better when it can be completed in about an hour because lately that’s all I seem to have…(in scheduling and patience!)

There is a can of GOLD spray paint in my closet that I have been ITCHING to use. Wasn’t sure on what. I found a perfect victim in a boring picture frame above my entry table. It’s seen better days and someone (?) even dripped white paint on it during a wall touch up.  Inside is an old postcard from my trip to Paris…in the 90s. Literally. Time for refreshing.

STRIPES are on my mind lately so I decided to go for it and stripe-up the frame.  Thought the brown and gold would look pretty, and keep it tied in with the rest of the room.  And planned to strategically alternate to cover the bad spots!

Turns out washi tape was perfect for this project.  Lord knows if you google ‘washi tape projects’ the uses seem endless.  If you aren’t on the bandwagon treat yourself.  I get mine here.  It’s fun for little craft projects, but what I like best about it is that it is like working with painters tape – less sticky and peeling/resticking is easy.

Now the verdict on Rust Oleum metallic spray paint:  A perfect TEN!  It was a JOY to work with!!!
Completely impressed with the nice true gold color and went on really evenly.

It dries fairly quick so after a couple of coats and a few minutes I peeled off the tape slowly.

Really was amazed how well the paint worked, and the taping, so had to share. Maybe you have a frame who got one foot in the garbage who’s life span you can extend?  And I satisfied my little craft monster bug for the time being.   In all of 30 minutes.

Not sure what to hang it this little baby yet, for now maybe just a pep-talk print for heading out the door…XOXO