custom bottle labels 

Labeling the Candy Jars

A chic little candy buffet looks complete with perfectly hung tags ~ but wrangling them into place can be tricky.  Here are some of my go-to ways that work with a variety of containers.

1. THE FRONT KNOT – a neat, tidy look that keeps tags flat. Hole punch the tag and bring both ends of the ribbon through the hole.  Then knot or make a bow!
2. AROUND THE KNOB – For covered containers like apothecary jars, a quick bow around the knob is easy!
3. RIBBON LOOP – To give some variety, another option with a lidded jar is to cross the ribbon around the knob (think awareness-ribbon style) Secure the ribbon and label with a piece of double-stick tape.
4. SIDE SLIP THRU – Make a small slice at either end of your label and slip through the ribbon. Use a bit of double stick tape to hide one end under the other for a seamless look, or tie off with a bow. For a twist, swing the bow around to one side of the label.
5. TOP SLIP THRU – Heavier ribbon hangs nicely works better here. Slip the ribbon through slices similar to above only vertically.  Stick a little excess ribbon into the jar and weigh down with candy, or a touch of tape to the inside of the glass works.
6. THE BASIC – The most simple technique is threading a ribbon through a hole punched tag and tying around the back of the jar.  A head’s up with this method that sometimes making tags lay flat takes some tweaking!   XOXO