How to Design a Simple, Attractive, Stylish Reading Nook

Over the years I have always seemed to love the nooks and crannies in my apartments and homes.  When first starting out, especially with roommates, taking advantage of whatever little spots where mine was so important. Making a corner feel cozy and restful was a luxury. In one condo the best spot I could find for peace was inside my closet!   Even in larger homes, we tend to have spots designated for hosting dinners, watching a movie with family, or getting work done, but when you need a restful moment to read or finally have a catch up call with a friend where can you go?

It’s easier than you think to design an attractive, cozy spot.  It only takes a few key ingredients and I promise once set up you’ll find yourself thinking of reasons to sit there…. Enjoy this little video up on Instagram the other day!