Hiding the Wireless Routers

Why all of the wiring for my entire apartment had to enter via the master bedroom is beyond me. Some recent rearranging of my bedroom furniture left my two routers totally exposed, with a mess of cords for each.   So how to hide…

I came across Sherry’s YHL post about using boxes for Cord Control, and decided to see if this could work for me.  Initially I tried one long box to fix both routers, but it took up too much dresser-top space. So I settle on these from the Container Store that fit one router each and could be stacked.  They had plenty to choose from, like this white shiny dot pattern (Item #10042930). The cardboard works great to allow the signal to beam through.

  Hiding Boxes and Cords
First I cut holes in the back of both boxes.  A box cutter worked fine.  Then fished through the cords for each one.  Wireless router in the top box, Comcast in the bottom. It helped to coil and twist tie the cords inside so the lids don’t fling off.

Hiding the Routers and Cords
Now something witty for the label slots.  I didn’t think writing WIRELESS ROUTER would get me any design points.  Maybe some inspirational words?  After thinking about how helpless I feel if Comcast goes down, I thought “Lifeline…to Civilization” was appropriate!  Using a fancy font and hiding my dorky humor in FRENCH looked way better ~ thank you Google Translator.  🙂

Hiding Wireless Routers

* UPDATE March 2014: This post is from April 2011 continues to get tons of comments years later!  Comments are both good and skeptical ~ many people are concerned with ventilation and overheating, as they should be!  I definitely suggest making the holes in the back nice and big for ventilation, and if you can make more on the bottom and sides depending on your set up, all the better. For the first few days or weeks I would just walk by and open the boxes to ensure nothing is getting too hot and to see if your ventilation is adequate. I still occasionally touch my hand to it as I pass by and everything is a-okay on my end.