Hiding the Technology II

Blogging is such a funny thing –  a random share can become one of the most read!   My original post on Hiding the Wireless Routers has been my all-time most read post.  It’s been pinned, commented on, and constantly comes up in my Google Analytics as the reason people are arriving at this blog.  Clearly I am not the only one disturbed by the ever growing amount of ugly technology laying all over my house.  Maybe I should share my neurosis more often.

People had OPINIONS.  They either loved my idea, or warned me I my house was going to burn down.  People emailed me their thoughts, their husbands thoughts and even an IT person somewhere offered his two cents! I did my best to reply and even offered a status update; that I hadn’t burned my house down, that the boxes were ventilated nicely, that the signal was indeed going through the cardboard boxes (it has to go through dry wall on a good day right?), etc.

Two year later, after moving my router to an entirely different outlet in the house, I wondered what else my little white boxes could hide. Hence, Hiding the Technology Part Two.  Cell phone, tablet, and bluetooth ~ in you go!

I know there are all sort of fancy charging stations out there, but at lot of them remind me of something from a SkyMall catalog – too masculine and office-y.   Pretty boxes however are all over the place (World Market, Home Goods, Target, Container Store) and come in a million patterns, colors and sizes, that can match your room. I put a power strip on the bottom, fed the cords through the hole cut in the back, and brought them inside the top box.

Downside: Yes, each morning I pop off the lid to retrieve my phone.  And if I am traveling and need to bring the charger I have to dismantle the whole shebang and go into the bottom box to unplug.  BUT I do have to say that I actually LIKE the act of putting it away each night.  It forces me to unplug myself from the emails, texts and Instragram updates and officially detach.    Bring on the comments! XOXO