Brown Bathroom + White Wainscoting

Haven’t done a home post lately so here we are.  Envisioning a room design from scratch is tough  – but I’m fairly confident in my copy-cat-then-add-my-twist abilities.  When embarking on a remodel, big or small, a photo to refer back to can be a lifesaver.  I still love magazine clippings, but for my guest bath mini remodel I also started with a Pinterest board of course!

This remodel was to be a MINI one: tile, tub, toilet and even the brown paint were staying, either because I was indifferent to them or they were too pricey to tackle.  The three main things I wanted to change were the lighting, the stuck-on mirror and the sink/cabinet combo.  I knew choosing a pedestal sink would mean losing storage but for this tiny bath I wanted to open it up a bit.

I found a million photos that made me swoon, but I tried to be realistic!  If you are really going to use a photo for copy-catting try to zero in on the pieces you want to upgrade and stay focused. Rooms with simliar layouts will help you zoom in, too.  The winning photo I settled on hit my big three. Space was going to be tight but I was set on squeezing scones along a mirror instead of a fixture on top.  Let the copy catting task begin!

On the hunt I went….online I was able to find very similar lighting and I think the exact sink.  I found a mirror whose curvature on top reminded me of the photo and was skinny enough to fit the scones.  I knew a table/stool would add back a little ‘storage’ but I swapped out the tray table idea for something just as compact but a little more rustic.  Got some great deals doing it all online, especially on the faucet!

Demolition time!  I had a contractor rip out the old stuff which required drywall patching and left me with painting homework.  Brown was remaining on the top, but I was painting the bottom WHITE in preparation for my other idea ~ fake paneling.  It had worked perfectly on my {MANTLE} so I figured it would be easier than installing wainscotting.  I had the contractor nail up a chair rail and four ‘boxes’ created from wooden trim molding to make frames.


Same shelves went back up, same jars and we’re done. It’s truly amazing how different a room can look. It was work but not THAT much work for something that looks completely different. The only disaster (because there always is one) was the shattering of the toilet (good times)…hence the new one…


For any other copy-catters out there will make it easier for you!  XOXO

Sink (and Toilet) – Kohler Memoirs Line
Faucet – Overstock, Item #: 13484541
Stools – Serena & Lily Dip Dyed Stools
Mirror – Home ‘Hovan Mirror’
Scones – Robert Abbey from Lamps