Family Photo Wedding Display

A collection of photos can be a beautiful table top display, especially at a wedding or anniversary party.  This latest sign from Sweet Sanity is meant just for such a collection…with a focus on the couple being honored.  “Grow Old With Me, the Best is Yet to Be!”

When putting together a collection don’t be afraid to mix formal and casual’s fun to add some with personality.  At a wedding, formal photos from past family weddings are fitting, and baby photos of the bride and groom look sweet, too.   The collection would do well around a cake table, the seating card table, or even surrounding the guest book.

For an anniversary party, consider photos that show some of the couples milestones; babies, moves, travels, military service, graduations. And again remember that some funny ones will give everyone a smile!

Mixing frames of the same metal will help give the table a nice touch. Anchoring a table with a sign is a nice way to pull it together.  Arrange your frame staggered so that they have don’t look too uptight. Your guests will love having something to browse while enjoying a cocktail!