Recap: Mini Living Room Re-Do!

One thing about having a blog is that it makes me follow through – even if it’s 6 months later!  This past Fall I really wanted to update my living room.  And I am officially done.  I am not a decorator.  I didn’t have a big budget.   But like so many of you I know what I like, and am a good copy-cat! I pulled up my first post about this project to refresh myself on the mission:

* Keep 50% of Existing Furniture. (Give myself an A- here) 
I kept all lamps, ottomans and cabinets. The couch and leather chair were a major score,  and badly needed (the reason for the whole redo) and while the wing chair hunt ended well docked just a touch of a point for the drama.
* Try A New Color Scheme. (I’ll give myself a B)
Giving myself an B because it was pretty easy once the purple couches were gone!  I just wanted things to look COHESIVE.  I used lots of neutrals, picking green as the accent (mainly bc the green wall was staying put!) And have to admit that the white mantle re-do really lightened the whole room up!
* Old and New Accessories. (I get an A+ here!)
The biggest cost was the rug, still pretty affordable compared to other options.  New additions that really helped were pillow cases, and  some moss balls to get more punches of green in the room. Virtually everything  else I already owned.
* Achieve Cozy Upscale? (A++)
Funny how your tastes change over the years.  I think you know your style more each year, and clearly it was also just time for a little updating. I went out of my comfort zone with a new twig table to mix things up, and invested in a large ficus tree (which i LOVE) to put by the doors. Add a basket with some blankets and pillows and I think I’m feeling cozy and a little more trendy!

Now for some pictures!  Sorry, don’t have as many before as I would like!




And the AFTER!

2011_02_06_livingroom09     Living Room Re-Do
Left both cabinets the same. One is a family heirloom and the other is a thrift shop find that I crackle painted years ago. Won’t part with either! Just swapped out some of the accessories on top.

Living Room Re-Do
Living Room Re-Dp
Didn’t take much green to get the point…pillows cases and moss balls helped. Tried my my hand at mixing textures and patterns. Have been watching a lot of HGTV. 🙂 And best of all my grandfather’s cream clock finally found a perfect spot in the room.


Metals and Moss Balls
While the whole thing took longer than I’d like, I’m thrilled with how it turned out. It feels updated and bigger, and I gained a little more confidence with things like mixing metals. Using the internet to hunt down deals helped a ton.  And stealing  accessories from other places around the house made it feel like a whole new room.  Overall I realize I have gotten so much joy over this new room and I had waited WAY TOO LONG!  Hope you don’t do the same ~ be happy!

So I don’t miss this…
And I DO love this!

Twig Table and Wing Chair