Watercolor Fruits for Fall

I met Zahida a couple of years ago when I stumbled upon her shop, Homemaker Movement. You really do meet some great people in the Etsy community.  She designs incredible pillows with gorgeous fabrics, but turns out, she also loves any excuse to break out her watercolor set.   This Fall I commissioned her for a second time to create some mini-paintings for me.

She sent me a progress-report-pic last week…love those splashy bright colors!

Once all the paintings were done, the canvases were scanned into the computer.
Just look at those apples!  An peaches and pumpkins… little works of art.

I could not wait to get started playing with layouts and fonts.  I am not sure what is involved in canning, jarring and apple butter making but apparently there are lots of you out there who are pros!  So am happy to announce the Harvest Fruits Designs now available to adorn those little jars!

{Harvest Fruits Designs on our website and on Etsy}