Fabric Picture Frame Border

I’ve had a photograph floating around for months that I’ve been wanting to frame. It’s a very old photo of my grandmother kneeling beside my mother as a little girl; I love that I can perfectly see my mom’s face in that chubby little girls smile. She’s giggling the way one would when someone you love tickles you.

The size isn’t standard for todays frames, so I’ve debated where to put it. I briefly thought about trying to cut my own matting….briefly.

Then I decided to look into my fabric stash. This lovely leftover was from the Craigslist Chair I recovered last year, neutral and nubby.

I cut a small piece for my 4×6 frame and laid it carefully inside; then took a piece of double stick tape to center the photo.  It matches the sepia hue of the photograph and I actually like having the weathered edges of the photo visible, as opposed to being tucked behind matting.

Fabric Inside a Frame

It looks nice hanging on the Gallery Wall (still in progress, don’t even ask!)

And nice just sitting on the mantle.  May be a fun option for black and white photos, or it could spruce up frames in a child’s room with some color. It could also add an elegant touch to old family photos set around the guest book at a wedding – using a fabric to compliment your wedding colors of course! XOXO